Version 24.12.2023

Release Notes

TA-CLI v1.10.2

Available at TA-CLI v1.10.2


  • Improved upload retry mechanism.
  • Enhanced verification for Android: package, version, and version code.
  • Enhanced verification for iOS: bundle ID, version, and build ID.
  • Addition of iOS certificate expiration date check.
  • Changed to display release page instead of app page.
  • Minor improvements in error messages.
  • System flags are now hidden.


New Features:

  • Team level auto-archive will be set for all apps and future releases.

    The priority levels are in order:

    • Release auto archive
    • App auto archive
    • Team auto archive

    Practical Example:

    • Specific Release: Manually set to auto-archive after 5 days.
    • App [Car Wash]: Auto-archive after 10 days.
      App [Wallpaper]: No specific auto-archive setting.
    • Team: Default auto-archive after 20 days.

    Given these settings:

    • Wallpaper App Releases: Will auto-archive after 20 days, using the team default as there’s no specific app setting.

    Can be found in App → Settings → Releases

    Team Auto-Archive

  • Release archive reason.

    • Manual
    • Scheduled (expired)
      Archive latest release
    • App auto-archive
    • Team auto-archive
    • Plan auto-archive
    • iOS certificate expired
    • Subscription or plan changes

    Release Archive Reason

  • Alignment of iOS certificate date with archive date.

    iOS Certificate Information

  • Expanded release information section:

    • Android Specific: Package, Minimum SDK, Target SDK, Permissions.
    • iOS Specific: Bundle ID, Platform Version, Minimum OS Version, Supported Platforms, Certificate Information, Provisioned Devices.
    • Shared: Signing, Developer.
  • Email notification option for adding team members to an app.

Team and App Integrations:

  • Enhanced integration with Slack, Microsoft Teams, JIRA, and upcoming Clickup.
  • Capability to link specific apps to specific channels or projects in Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • Use JIRA and Clickup for tracking new feedback tickets.

  • Overall improvements for Portal

Happy testing :tada: