Version 07.05.2023 mobile app release v4.0

We are excited to announce the new update for mobile app! We have been working hard to improve the user experience, and we have included several new features and fixes in this release.

General Updates:

  • Added live chat support to enhance customer experience, enabling users to reach us anytime, anywhere.
  • Introduced a Guest role for team members, allowing them to access the app with limited permissions.
  • Device information is now updated when push notification status changes.
  • Administrators can now activate or deactivate team members from within the app.
  • An inactive status is displayed for team members who need to be activated before they can access the app.
  • Fixed deeplink issues to ensure a smoother user experience.
  • Other miscellaneous improvements and fixes.

Android Specific Updates:

  • The app can now detect if it’s being installed on top of a store version, and alerts the user to prevent any conflicts or data loss.
    Update from: Google Play Store

iOS Specific Updates:

  • Added a new animation that demonstrates what happens after tapping the install button, providing users with a better understanding of the installation process.
    Update from: Apple App Store

We hope you enjoy using the updated mobile app, and as always, we appreciate your feedback & support.