Version 06.12.2022

Released on December 06, 2022

  • New infrastructure to handle release and feedback attachment uploads

  • Upload Queue in Portal, Mobile app, and SDK

  • Auto archive option after a specific day for each app and each release

  • App settings page that includes: app info, members, and release settings

  • The feedback section in the public install page will be hidden if disabled

  • App name and icon password-protected public install page

  • App feedback (Portal, Mobile App, and SDK)

    • Attachments (images & videos)
    • Submit from Portal, our Mobile App, and your app using our (SDK)
  • Update TA-CLI to v1.0.7If you are using our Fastlane plugin, please update to v1.0.1

fastlane update_plugins or from RubyGems - this now includes auto-updater for TA-CLI.If you are using Jenkins or direct, then run these commands locally until we release the updated versions:macOS & Linux:

curl -Ls | bash

Others: will update the locally installed ta-cli to the newest version.We are working on auto-update Jenkins and TA-CLI whenever there’s a new version (non-breaking)No action is needed for Github Action or Circle CI or Gitlab CI/CD, or Travis CI