The journey of so far

Hey there, it’s Omar. I’m the one who started, and today, I want to have a real talk with you about this wild ride we’ve been on.

The idea (2011): My journey with began back in my university days. I was more into freelancing as a full-stack developer than attending classes. Whether it was backend, websites, or mobile apps, I was doing it all. But sharing mobile apps with clients? That was a real headache. Juggling different app versions and all over the place feedback led to so much confusion. That’s when started forming in my mind. A solution was needed, and I was determined to create it.

Years of learning and growth: Between 2011 and 2020, the idea of took a backseat. I was immersed in the startup world, and let me tell you, startups don’t give you much breathing room. I climbed the ladder from a software engineer to a CTO. I even co-founded a startup along the way. Each role was a learning experience, a stepping stone that was unknowingly preparing me for the adventure.

A big decision (June 2020): Fast forward to Dubai. I found myself in a well-paying bank job, but it didn’t ignite my passion. When COVID-19 struck, it was a wake-up call. I quit, facing a crossroads between the security of a job and the call of my dormant dream. Deep down, I knew it was time to bring to life.

July 2020: I started building the first version of our app. It was just me, my laptop, and loads of coffee. Picking Golang, PostgreSQL, Redis, and NativeScript (our app) felt right. It was tough, but I loved every second of it.

Submission: The process of getting our app approved by the Apple Store was filled with stress. After leaving my stable job to pursue this dream, the stakes were high. Aiming to be the first app, aside from Apple’s TestFlight, to install other apps, even if it was only for adhoc provisioning profiles, it was a bold move into uncharted territory.

First victory: When we got that approval, the joy was indescribable. I still remember freaking out with Seji over the phone. I was so energized, I found myself jumping around in my small home office room! We had taken this huge gamble, building the whole app without knowing the outcome, and it paid off!

Restart and reboot: As 2020 was coming to an end, we made a crucial decision: to start over from scratch. I stayed loyal to Go, PostgreSQL, and Redis for our backend; they were just too good to let go. But for the app, we shifted to React Native and picked Vue.js for our portal. This shift wasn’t just technical; it was about setting a new direction for our journey. A special shoutout to Usman, our React Native champ. His ongoing support and expertise have been invaluable to us. He’s played a critical role in our journey and continues to be a pillar of strength for

The launch: Then came the first day of 2021, a day I’ll never forget. was ready to see the world. For the first time in a long while, I paused to take it all in, watching for those first visitors. The anticipation was intense. And sure enough, they came! Having ‘TestApp’ right in the domain name turned out to be a smart SEO move. The first wave of users visiting our site was exciting. But I couldn’t stay away from what I loved for too long. Soon enough, I quickly shifted to VS Code and began coding because, well, there’s always more to build and more to do. No rest for the passionate!

Progress and expansion: The transition from working alone to forming a team was a step-by-step process. A significant moment came when we officially registered in the UAE. Not long after launching our subscription model, we were thrilled to have Farah as our very first subscriber; her trust in us meant the world. Then, another milestone: Propeller Inc. saw potential in what we were building and invested in our mission. Their belief in us was a major boost, providing both financial support and validation for our vision, propelling us further on our journey.

Shocking news: Just a few months after our successful run on Google Play, our app was suddenly removed without any warning or explanation. It was a tough blow. I sent email after email, even questioning them, “Hey, if Apple’s okay with us, why are you removing our app?” There was no response at all. Then, as unexpectedly as it was taken down, our app reappeared in the store. This rollercoaster experience was an eye-opener. I realized we couldn’t be at the mercy of these platforms indefinitely. That’s when the seed for our SDK, capable of capturing feedback and facilitating in-app updates, began to grow in my mind. Perhaps developing this SDK was the key to our autonomy.

TA-CLI: Once we put the manual uploads behind us, I was itching to dive into our next big thing. That’s when TA-CLI came to life. Crafting it in Golang was not just fun; it was exciting. But the real kicker? Seeing developers integrate it into their workflows. Watching the CLI become a part of the developer’s daily routine – absolutely thrilling! TA-CLI marked the beginning of our journey into integration. It laid the groundwork for us to seamlessly bring in tools like Github Actions, Fastlane, Jenkins, and more. The start of streamlining the entire process for developers everywhere.

Uploads: Our next big hurdle was handling huge app files. Big thanks to Mark for being the brainiac who got us through it. We brought in Cloudflare Workers, Queue, KV, and R2, and boom – we even got a shoutout from Cloudflare for our setup. Every time you upload a release, it’s like a high-five to us.

Scaling: When we started our public install pages, we quickly saw a huge jump in installs, from 30k to over 100k. Jianbo, our DevOps hero, really stepped up. He upgraded our systems to handle more users smoothly. This big change showed we were ready for even more growth. Adding the Guest role brought more users, testing our system again, but we handled it well. Our setup proved strong and ready for anything.

Portal: I’ve always prioritized listening to our users. That’s the driving force behind the ever-evolving Portal, ensuring it’s accessible and user-friendly for both seasoned developers and those new to the field. And a big thanks to Dipesh, our portal guardian from day one. His dedication is a big part of why keeps getting better for everyone. Oh, and by the way, we’re working on a newer version – because apparently, we just can’t help ourselves!

Misunderstandings: A unique challenge we faced was the misconception that was a replacement for the Apple App Store. We had to carefully change our messaging, wording, and navigation to clarify our role and offerings. We continue to hope that one day Apple will allow sideloaded apps, opening up new possibilities for developers alike.

The SDK and ‘Sessions’ leap: Developing our SDK, with a big high-five to Victor and Alex, was a game-changer. Launching ‘Sessions’ in November 2023 felt like we were starting a revolution. It’s not just a feature; it’s a whole new way for you to understand your apps.

Building Sessions: Making Sessions wasn’t a walk in the park. We had to think about everything: handling data, managing different session states, making sure it works offline, and ensuring it’s lightweight but powerful. We started with iOS (Swift and Flutter). Based on what you tell us, we’re planning to expand even more.

Staying closer to our users: To maintain a close connection with our users and provide swift resolutions, I personally handle 90% of the support chat inquiries. This approach eliminates the need for a lengthy chain of command and minimizes delays. I’m committed to maintaining this high level of engagement to continue serving you efficiently and effectively. Your feedback and needs are of the utmost importance to us, and we’ll do our best to meet and exceed your expectations. We owe our progress to you, and for that, we extend our thanks to you.

As we move forward, I’m excited to welcome Zaid to our team, bringing new energy and perspectives. Our growth is not just about the product; it’s about the community we’re building and the dreams we’re nurturing.

So, here’s to all of us – the dreamers, the doers, and the late-night coders. We’re building something special here, and it’s all thanks to you.

I can’t wait to see what we’ll do together next. is being built with love by developers for developers.

Keep building,

Founder and CTO,

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